Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Reflections of the Death of H.R. Giger

I was reflecting last night on some great artists who have died leaving the world a poorer place for their departing. Some of you reflected with me via Facebook - thanks guys, many tears shed, loved your clips. I was very touched.
But I got to thinking, who these days is writing like Adams*? Who's creating art like Giger? Who's singing like Freddie? (Clue: Cowell isn't going to be pulling one out of his ********* any time soon)
And I made this. You can share it, if you like. It contains a rare thing: a Mu-opinion. 

BE TALENTED LOUDLY! Be famous quietly. Kisses, Mu.

photo: © Stephen Moore
 *There's something else. About Douglas. And - 

No. Towel Day is coming up. I'll do it then.

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