Thursday, 8 May 2014

Feed Your Imagination. It's Your Ticket To Quantum Pigeon Spectacles Happiness

Tonight's blog post is a piece of short fiction by a Small Girl I know. With her seven years of acquired wisdom, she is writing through her pain: her imaginary boyfriend, Charlie, recently broke up with her and ran off with his imaginary girlfriend*. 

Anyway, Small Girl has a new imaginary boyfriend called Max. He recently went to India by train, but he kept in touch regularly, via imaginary text message. He's a Keeper.

*Charlie's new girlfriend is called Rose. Presumably she's real to Charlie.

The Adventure
by Tiny Sprig

Once upon a time there were two children called Ted and Rachel.  Surprisingly, Ted was fourteen and Rachel was twelve. Their dog was called Spottie, and she liked to splash puddles.

On Monday evening, Ted, Rachel and Spottie went to the funfair in their van. The first thing they went on was the rollercoaster. Suddenly, they shrank into micro-world!  Poisonous snakes, fire-dragons, icy dragons, flower-dragons, terror-dragons and big, bad spiders lived in micro–world. 

They were all standing on the steepest hill looking at the cute robots when suddenly an enormous, scary fire-dragon lumbered to Spottie and ate her up.

“Can you get Spottie out of the dragon’s tummy?” Rachel asked.
“Yes,” Ted said.

So Ted got his sharp, pointed sword to kill the dragon.  In a flash the dragon was cut open and Spottie clambered out. Ted and Rachel smiled and they all had a hug.

Suddenly, an old woman popped out of the hard ground in front of them.  “I am so sorry to say this but a baddy turned Susan and Eddie, your sister and brother, into robots,” she said.

Ted and Rachel started to cry.  They got all of the spanners out of the robots and threw them at the dead dragon.  In a flash the children came back!  They returned back to the funfair and they jumped into their van and went home. 

The End 
©  Tiny Sprig
May 2014


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