Wednesday, 13 March 2013

MURIEL'S PAPAL EDICT - ooh, where are we up to now? - #4, I THINK

In the last few minutes POPE MURIEL I has released the following statement:

© Sioux How, Sunrise Festival

"I would like to thank everyone for their kind messages of support following the apparent election of Pope Francis Bailando por un SueƱo of Argentina.
I would not, however, be the first Pope to adopt the simple expedient of absolutely refusing to acknowledge the facts, despite the irrefutable evidence before my own eyes.
Therefore, my loyal and devoted followers, all dozen or so of you, I remain HER ROYAL POPELYNESS MURIEL I, POETRIX REGINA. Especial blessings and Papal Glitteryness be upon them for their messages today, at a time when doubt assailed me. Thou hast kept it real, and so shalt thou receive thy just rewards, being that which is a far greater prize than eternal life since thou canst have it on Earth, thou needst not wait til thou hast popped thy clogs. Verily shalt thou have a packet of Maltesers next time I see thee. Go in Peace. And Stockings."