Thursday, 31 December 2015


No, I'm not going to go into Why; but I'd really love it if New Year could, just once, stop being a lesson in Pain. Either pain of the unbearable, or the unbearable loss of that which made other pains more bearable. I'm a bit tired. 
But, but, but... I am not flooded, or displaced, or coerced. And I have many blessings. We all do. For a start, I have the most amazing friends who overwhelm me at times with their love and kindness. I don't always tell them how much they mean to me. For example (this is an edit, you see): I just posted the link to this blog not three minutes ago, and one person has already looked at it and given it a like. I love that he cared enough to do that. Thank you, you big fat bastard. I love you.
There. Buck the fuck up, Mu.

Instead, here's one of my favourite blog posts from earlier in the year. Read it - it's cheerful and sweary and there are cookies and scraped knees in it. Good things.

Here also is a list of good causes, which I support but whether you choose to is your business. 
PAPYRUS Prevention of young suicide Donate here
MIND Mental health charity Donate here
RICE Research Institute for Care of the Elderly Donate here
WIKIPEDIA helping the ill-informed since 2001 DONATE £10 NOW

Finally here is a random screen grab from my Instagram account, containing a reasonable snapshot of How Things Are, or Were, or Would Be If, or Never Will. 
And a poem I wrote. Happy New Year.

What was the other thing? Oh, yes, I'm closing the year with a DJ slot at the GUILTY PLEASURES GRAND MASQUERADE BALL tonight at Frome's Silk Mill. It will be a spectacular mix of masks, fireworks, guest DJs, Bowieoke, street food, the filthiest mix of guilty music joy you can imagine. Find out more here and come join in.

Love you.