Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Before I begin, this:

"You kiss like I built you myself."

That's mine. I own it. I own it because someone gave it to me. Bear it in mind; if our lips should ever meet.

An Instagram friend shared this yesterday. I say 'friend'; I like to think we are friends. Unlike most of my IG followers, we have actually met and enjoyed each other's company. That was some eighteen months ago, and I am very glad that we keep in touch quite regularly. It's modern, but it is the way of things these days. Anyway, he shared this. The words aren't his - he isn't sure whose, so if anyone recognises the author, do let me know. 
Beautiful. Anyone would long for it. No comment to make, I just loved it and I thought you might, too. Only...
Only... It needed a woman's perspective. We can make magic too, you know.
I wrote this, and I sent it to him for his approval. Then I committed it to its destiny.
Kissing is the most amazing thing in the world. Do it now. Do it a lot.

'I'm not in love with you. But by the end of this kiss, I could be.'

- Lip Goals.

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