Monday, 5 January 2015

AND ANOTHER THING (Pope Mu's Sweary Sermon)

Yes, I got a great deal out of my system yesterday. One or two things more, and I have done.

I was sobered by an article which a friend shared with me: in it was listed a collection of eight books, the reading of which would furnish the mind with all necessary knowledge of humanity. It was a good list. I was ashamed to see that I had merely 'dipped into' most of them.
  There was no Shakespeare in the list, nor was there any writing by a woman; however I forgive the latter, as the pen has far longer been in the hands of the other sex. That may not be fair, or just, but it is unavoidably true.
I grant that Neil deGrasse Tyson's list is an excellent one, but I believe - I believe - oh, what was I going to say? I've been to Lego Club and cooked dinner since beginning this sentence - that all of humanity may be found within the works of Shakespeare, and is therefore a worthy and necessary addition. I mention this because clearly yesterday I got a little ranty, which means it must be time for a Pope Mu sermon.
Belief! Yes, that was it. Here's what I wanted to share about Belief.

So that's it, really. Oh - except for one other thing. There's one word I have been known to use liberally in conversation, but which I choose not to include in my social media content or in my stage work. Therefore I'm just going to leave this here, for you to comment upon as you see fit. This is where I park my car at work. This guy parks like this regularly, so his precious car can, I don't know, spread out, undo its pants, sleep diagonally, whatever. Read my previous blog entry, and apply liberally. Thank you.
I have two more parking spaces. In Provence



  1. Hi Muriel,

    This Hiep again. How is life for you?

    I saw some films of you on youtube; I wasn't aware that you are that famous (and funny and beautiful). I especially liked the limerick of the lost knickers in the beard; I do hope you found the knickers back again :-)

    I am thinking of a twitter account for they aren't that strict on nudity and stuff and they may not rob you from your intellectual gear as well.

    I hope you like to maintain contact with me.


    Hiep Hieper

  2. Always pleased to hear from you, Hiep. Best wishes to you! x