Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Her Royal Popelyness Issues A Decree


A dear friend of mine shared the link to my last blog on Facebook. It just so happened that the thumbnail defaulted to the most glorious close-up of Courbet's L'Origine du Monde. She was banned for 24 hours and made to tick a box confirming she'd read the FB terms and conditions.

Ah, Facebook. Thou art indeed the Moral Compass by which we steer our path through pages such as 'Hot Cars And Sexy Girls', 'Spank time', and the staggeringly erudite 'Letting A C**t Know They're A C**t By Shouting C**t At The C**t' (actually, that's quite funny). Thank Goodness thou art here to chastise us for sharing an 1866 masterpiece; without thy guidance, where would we be?  

Fuck knows.

I'm glad to say that, following her ban, she resolutely remained on the subject and posted a delightful status to say that she'd discovered a new expression - "Scutties' Nest" - meaning 'a little neat fluffy minge'.  So this song* is for her, and for all of you, in celebration of all things womanly, and the earthly pleasures to be found in being one. Or firkyfoodling with one.

Happy New Year.  Love, Mu xx

 *'The Cuckoo's Nest', traditional folk song, performed in this clip at the Globe Theatre, Bankside, London, in the 2012 production of Taming of the Shrew.


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